Show Day – Saturday 8 July 2017 ….. 11.00am to 5.00pm


SATURDAY  8th  JULY  2017

11.00am  to  5.00pm

Adults – £3.00      Children (under 14) – FREE

Car Parking FREE at South Wolds Academy, Church Drive, Keyworth, NG12 5FF

a short walk away from the Showground



Keyworth Show Committee – Chair’s Report 2016


The planning for the 2016 Show began soon after the 2015 show had finished, with the majority of the bands, performers, entertainments and site suppliers booked by early January. With a few difficulties in contacting the Insurers and misunderstandings in organising the First Aid Cover, these should now be resolved ready for the 2017 Show.

Construction of Activity Park

During the year a few major issues had to be dealt with in relation to the construction of the Activity Park on the Recreational Field. The delays in starting the work resulted in the area around the park becoming unusable due to disturbed soil and extended fencing. Therefore, as a result we had significant less space available to site the Fun Fair and for the Show layout. After a couple of site visits with the Fun Fair we came to a satisfactory arrangement for all concerned, including reducing the number of Classic Cars and omitting the large Bouncy Galleon.

Adverse weather

The levels of rainfall in our area in the run up to the Show caused water logging on the field; this reduced the space available again as well as causing difficulties for the large fair vehicles. On Show day the rained poured down during the set up, it did stop and the sun came out along with visitors. The weather affected a few performances, but everyone did an amazing job and it ended up and fantastic day


This year we managed to arrange for a reporter from Radio Nottingham, who stayed with us the whole day, giving regular live reports on Radio Nottingham. Several members of the committee were interviewed, as well as many visitors and performers. Pictures were also uploaded onto their facebook page!


The 2016 show also attracted to new sponsors, both in financial support as well as providing valuable services, these as well as the longstanding sponsors are listed on our Website.

The Horticultural Arts and Crafts Show

The Horticultural Arts and Crafts Show is now run as a sub-committee of the Keyworth Show Committee. The chair of this sub-committee has reported another successful event and submitted accounts to the Committee. Full details of the results for the Horticultural Arts and Crafts Show can be found on the Keyworth Show website. Their sponsorship money and closing balances has now been transferred to the Keyworth Show bank account ready for the 2017 show.


After all the issues and problems in the planning and despite the wet and soggy start to the show day there has been great feedback has been received from many sources about the success of the show.

Every year we gain more experience and learn from all the challenges and make the show a great success for our local Community.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank to all the committee members and volunteers, without whom the show would not be the success it is.

Sue Calladine


26 September 2016

Keyworth Show Committee – Treasurers Report 2016

The Show Financial year runs from 1 September – 31 August, this is to cover the preparations in the run up to the show and to enable the accounts to be finalised in time for the AGM.

The opening bank balance was £4,322, which was adjusted after processing the estimated accruals from the previous year. This balance was used to pay deposits for performers; entertainers, equipment and site costs, where necessary in advance of show taking place.

The 2016 Keyworth Show surplus is £2,516, of which £1,650 is to be used to provide donations to the local Volunteer Groups who provided support on the day of the show, a Thank You Reception for all the Volunteers and specific donations given to the Scouts in recognition of their support of the Keyworth Show for the purchase of Traffic Cones (£450) and the ‘Fun on the Field’ project in August for their event insurance (£200).

The residual surplus is to be added to the Reserves, after all receipts and payments have been accounted for in relation to the putting on the 2016 show, the Bank balance currently stands at £5,189 which has been verified and signed off by our Independent Examiner.

The attached statements show the analysis of the 2016 accounts, along with comparisons from 2014 and 2015.

I would like to draw your attention to the differences in the following areas:


The overall income is £2,916 lower than the previous year; this is due to the impact of the adverse weather conditions on the day affecting all the Show Day Takings for visitor numbers, Bar-takings and Grand Prize Draw sales. Along with reduced rent from the Fun Fair due to the reduce site available.



Show Admin and Insurance:

The increase in Admin costs in 2016 from 2015 relates mainly to the unexpected cost of the Rubbish Collection after the show. Therefore 2016 includes’ the cost of the late invoice from 2015 for £145 and the 2016 invoice for £62. (Note a great effort was made to reduce the amount of rubbish)

Horticultural, Arts and Crafts Show

Included in the 2016 Show surplus is funding relating to the Horticultural, Arts and Crafts sponsorship of £350 and the balance of funds £143. After a £168 contribution towards the hire trestle table in 2016 leaves an opening balance of £325 for the 2017 Horticultural, Arts and Crafts Show.


Despite the adverse weather on the day, we had another successful show and many thanks go to the Scouts for the services of Oliver Lumb in the Cashiers Office on Show Day.


Sue Calladine

Acting Treasurer

26 September 2016



SATURDAY  8th  JULY  2017

11.00am  to  5.00pm

Adults – £3.00      Children (under 14) – FREE

Car Parking FREE at South Wolds Academy, Church Drive, Keyworth, NG12 5FF

a short walk away from the Showground



Let us take you around the show ground to give you a guide

as to what you can expect to see……………..

We need you!

Once again we aim to improve on our previous efforts and make 2017 the best Show yet but we really need help!

Without more volunteers the Show is always in danger of not going ahead

If you can help on Show Day or spare a couple of hours each month please get in touch

We need YOU!

About Keyworth Show

The Keyworth Show is traditionally held annually on the second Saturday in July.

It is situated on the Keyworth Playing Fields, formerly known as the Rectory Playing Fields.

The show is organised each year by the Show Committee which is made up of voluntary enthusiasts and member club representatives.Their prime objective is to create a Family Fun Day attracting visitors from the surrounding areas of south Nottinghamshire and north Leicestershire.